Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

At first glance you would find the room is not very revealing. The two computer desks tucked into the corner are for the most part bare. Obviously the occupants of the room are minimalists and not fans of clutter.

It’s going to require a little more deep sleuthing to discover more about these people.

On the walls are a few very nice black and white photos of trees and a few nice art prints. A closer look at the desks reveal a few more personal items. A stack of old family photos waiting to be scanned. A few nice pens and a journal tucked almost out of sight. A peak at the computer screens reveal an odd mixture of programs. Family Tree Maker, Photoshop, Guild Wars 2.

Half hidden under the couch is a hot wheels car. There is an episode of Barney playing on the tv. And in the rocking chair a baby doll. Obviously there are small children in the house. Either that or the owners of the house are going through their second childhood.

There is a small stack of DVDs over by the tv. A quick glance reveals a mixture of comedy, adventure and sci fi movies. Ahh and a larger stack of books by the couch. Someone in the house is a reader with very eclectic tastes.

This is obviously the home of a family who do not like clutter but do like comfort and nice artwork. They much prefer reading over watching the television. But don’t mind an occasional movie night. They enjoy their family history and love spending as much time as possible with their children. Just your normal everyday family.

One for hubby and one for me. Right out in the living room so we are always available to our kids.


About marillionflower

Mom of 5 amazing kids from 21 to 4 years old. Grandma to a beautiful baby girl. Married to the love of my life and loving life in South Dakota
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